Plant Engineering

Innovative Plant Engineering Solutions To Help Customers In Improving Their Production Process & Serve The Market Faster

3D Plant Modeling

For better representation of plant designs, we offer 3D plant modeling services that allow stakeholders to see the built-to-scale model of their projects. Our 3D plant models are made using advanced software by designers with more than 15+ years of experience. The models help stakeholders in catching errors promptly and iron out the flaws as they can be developed in the pre-production process and optimized further until they’re given a stamp of approval.

Why Us?

Effective simulation through well-designed 3D models

Designers with multi-software expertise

Innovative & purpose built designs

Structural Design

To contribute to the integrity, safety, and effectiveness of manufacturing plants, we provide structural design services to our clients in various industries. Our designs are made to support the visions of our clients, whether it is their aesthetic vision or their economic vision. They act as the foundation for plants that run profitably and smoothly and comply with the norms of a geographical location.

Why Us?

Dynamic Approach

Advanced Software Expertise

Compliance with geographical codes

Plant Layout Engineering

To help our clients in developing products that meet the market requirement, we provide them with Plant layout engineering services. We have expertise in engineering different kinds of layouts (fixed, functional, line & combination) and help clients in multiple industries develop plants that suit their purpose and their product. Our plant layout solutions are fully customized depending on the complexity of the manufacturing process and availability of space and end goals of our customers.

Why Us?

Optimum Utilization of Space & Equipment

Improved Production Times

Improved Operator Safety

Improved Coordination & Work Flow

Piping Design

The importance of a well-designed piping system cannot be overlooked in any plant layout, and therefore it needs to be designed with precision. At Actualize, we offer piping design services to our clients in various industries and have deep expertise in identifying piping component parts, installation, quality audits, and performing stress analysis of the designs.

Why Us?

Multi-Industry Expertise

Global Experience

Precise and Reliable Technology

Instrumentation & Control Services

In a digitally disrupted world, customers are faced with a big challenge every day. And that is to make information technology work in sync with equipment and machinery to produce better results. At Actualize, our goal for the past 15 years has been to make IT and equipment work together for our customers. We provide them with instrumentation and control products that make their processes optimized while reducing the risk of hazard at plant sites.

Why Us?

Safety Compliant Equipment

Seamless Integration

High-Quality Hardware

As-Built Engineering & Design Services

To gain important information about the plant and the changes made in it over time, having as-built drawings is crucial. We help our customers in keeping crucial information about their pants handy by providing as-built drawings that demonstrate the working of the plant, the modifications made over time, the equipment added and removed, and everything other crucial information in fine detail.

Why Us?

Providing Valuable Insights

Efficient Use of Available Space

Expert CAD Technicians

Cost Estimation During the Consultation