Mechanical Engineering

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Concept Design & Development

Concept design and development is the most exciting part of the product development lifecycle. And we invest time and effort refining the core concept for our clients to ensure that the final product brings value to their target buyers and profits to their company. Since the very beginning, we have ensured that our designers build solid concepts and designs with the target buyers in mind so that projects are never running into dead ends once started.

Why Us?

Top-Tier Concept Design

Non-Disclosure Policy

Highly Skilled Engineers

Realistic & Producible Design

Product Engineering Services

At Actualize, we have domain experts who fully support the new product development initiatives for our clients in various industries. After years of experience in combining various hardware and software to engineer innovative products, we have the vision and technology needed by our clients to advance their operations and achieve the growth they desire with groundbreaking products.

Why Us?

Domain Specific Engineering

360 degree Solution

Short Product Development Lifecycle

Demand Analysis

Benchmarking Services

With our competitive benchmarking services, we help our clients plan appropriate business strategies so that they can stand out in the competitive landscape. Through effective market and competitive research, we prepare benchmarking metrics for our clients and help them in strategically selecting a project to work on in order achieve their growth goals.

Why Us?

Process Analysis

Indepth Reports & Examination

Focus on Innovation & Cost Reduction

Speed up of Improvements

Product Design

We look at design as the most important part of the product development lifecycle. That is why all activities of the product design process at Actualize are carried out by expert technicians who take all aspects of product designing into account. They perform market research to understand the target buyer’s requirement and implement advanced technologies to develop innovative products.

Why Us?

Advanced Technology & Innovative Designs

Focus on both Functionality & Aesthetic

Design Optimization

Value Analysis and Engineering

Modeling & Detailing Services

Since the beginning of our company, we’ve been making design easy to construct with our advanced modeling and detailing services. We develop accurate models that assist in the designing, constructing and manufacturing of mechanical products that meets the industry standard of quality. Through 3D CAD animation, we offer better visualization of the final product to our clients and improve the performance gap.

Why Us?

Comprehensive Structural Detailing

Expert 2D & 3D CAD drafting

Compliance with International Standards

Fast Development of Designs

Change Management

With the increasing complexity of mechanical products, planning, managing, and carrying out change becomes a task that needs to be handled meticulously. We provide end-to-end support to our customers and improve their order cycle time by properly managing the entire change process. We take a systematic approach to change after considering the viewpoints of the stakeholders and requirements of the end-user.

Why Us?


Planning & Implementation

Full Documentation of Changes

Error free Project Execution

CAD Customization

To generate complex designs for our clients with great precision we offer CAD customization services that help our clients in saving time while getting their components designed. By customizing the CAD software for our client’s needs, we save their time and increase their productivity by automating the process of repetitive design.

Why Us?

Transparent Customization

Integration of Latest Technologies

Understanding of Design Lifecycle

Domain Knowledge

Value Analysis & Value Engineering Services

To thrive in the competitive environment, companies need agility in their processes and day-to-day operations. They cannot afford to run processes that aren’t adding any value to their work and only increase their operational costs. Our value analysis services help them in increasing the functionality of their projects and cut costs. Through our value analysis, we help them in identifying design barriers in equipment and identify bottlenecks that can be eliminated in order to add value.

Why Us?

Data Backed Analysis

Long-term Operational Benefits

Enhanced Sustainability

Indemnification of Functional Requirements

Mechanical Analysis

Our mechanical analysis services aim to provide answers to the questions which clients may have regarding the working of their machines. Through our analysis, we determine when the equipment can fail, how long they will run without needing a significant part change, what volume of work they will produce and more. Our analysis helps us in providing low-cost solutions to improve the working of equipment to our clients.

Why Us?

Persistent & Dependable Result

Reduced Chances of Breakdown

Cost Cutting Analysis

Precise Troubleshooting

Legacy Conversions

We help clients achieve cost savings when converting their collection of hard copy drawings into various CAD formats. Our CAD drafters manage the entire life-cycle of CAD conversions and carry out the tasks with great accuracy so that companies don’t have to spend on in-house talent for completing conversion tasks.

Why Us?

Expert Methodologies

Elimination of maintenance costs

Recreating Functional Models

Hard Copy Drawings to 3D CAD