Heavy Engineering


In the heavy engineering sector where problems are usually complex and challenging, we have 2 decades of experience in providing flexible solutions to our customers. We combine different technologies and approaches to deliver customized design support and shorten product design cycles for them, making them execute their projects in an efficient & cost-effective way. From conceptualization to execution, we lend our engineering support at each step so that our customers can meet the market demand faster and remain competitive in the industry.

Construction Equipment

To stay relevant and competitive in today’s time, OEM and construction equipment owners have to adapt to the changing demands of the markets. Shorter product development cycles, cost constraints, and complex production processes – they all call for agile solutions that help OEMs in keeping their operations agile while ensuring maximum performance from their equipment. At Actualize, we help them in achieving that. We design intelligent equipment to help them keep up with the changing market demands in a cost-effective way.

Equipments we Specialize in

Heavy Engineering Equipment We Specialize In

After handling complex machines for over 2 decades, we have sound knowledge of how OEMs can reduce their operating costs, improve their operator safety, and increase the uptime of their machines through the combination of digital and engineering technologies. We work in close collaboration with OEMs and assist them in shortening their development cycle by making their machines with the least amount of friction or delay through our innovative design support.

Backhoe Loaders
Wheel Loaders
Platform Lifts
Drums, Buckets And Attachments
Batching Plants
Motor Graders And Waste Compacters


With the rise of digital technologies, the demand for equipment that can keep mining operations agile is higher than ever. And to help our customers in the mining industry keep their operations agile, we leverage our smart engineering and testing facilities and design intelligent equipment to improve their everyday operations. We have successfully set up ODCs (Offshore Dedicated Centers) for Fortune 500 OEMs in the mining industry and helped them in increasing their operational performance.

Our Expertise

Our Portfolio Of Mining Equipments

For a decade now, we have been providing end-to-end support to our customers in the mining industry. Whether it is the development of the best performing equipment or creating designs that improve their overall productivity, our experts shoulder all the responsibility to help our customers meet their business objectives without worrying about keeping their operations efficient.

Drill Rigs
Loaders And Trucks
Rock Excavation
Rock Drilling Tools
Underground Rock Excavation
Crushers And Screeners
Breakers And Demolition Tools
Excavator Attachments

Material Handling

To respond to the current economic environment, OEMs need smart materials handling equipment that not only deliver a healthy ROI but also make operations faster and safer. And their need to keep their operation agile demands advanced solutions developed by integrating software and equipment. At Actualize, we serve OEMs with integrated solutions for material handling which are designed using our IoT & engineering expertise.

Our Expertise

Our Portfolio Of Material Handling Equipments

To help our customers keep their overall operations profitable and agile, we design material handling equipment that meets the industry standard of safety and quality. Our experience in material selection and technical understanding of the equipment design help OEMs in optimizing their operations and serving the markets faster.

Cranes (Tower, Mobile, Rough Terrain)

Crushers And Screeners

Conveyor Systems

Aerial Work Platforms

Tele Handlers


The agriculture sector is heavily dependent on machinery. And in today’s fast-changing environment, the profitability of its operations majorly relies on the optimal use of equipment and machinery. At Actualize, we help our customers in the agriculture sector by providing them with innovative engineering solutions to make equipment complete tasks more easily, quickly, and flexibly.

Our Expertise

Our Portfolio Of Agricultural Equipments

We combine the latest technology with over a decade of experience working in the agriculture sector to offer innovative equipment design services to our customers. Through big data, sensors, predictive analysis, and value engineering, we help them meet the market demands while operating their equipment and machine profitably.

Cutters And Shredders
Harvesting Equipment
Hay And Forage Equipment
Planting Equipment
Precision AG Technology
Seeding Equipment
Spayers And Applicators
Tillage Equipment
Tractors And Loaders
Scraper Systems

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