Electrical Engineering

Delivering Holistic Electrical Engineering Services To Help Customers Keep Their Operations Running Smoothly


To serve the competitive needs of today’s changing industrial environment, we provide a whole range of electrical design services that are customized for the needs of our customers. After 15+ years of providing electrical design services, we proudly claim to have the experience and expertise to deal with the increasing complexities of equipment and the changing regulations.

Here are the services that we offer under the umbrella of electric design.

Construction Equipment

Our precise schematic drawings are produced to meet the specification requirements of our clients precisely and meet the industry standard of design. We are skilled at providing all kinds of schematic drawings like component wiring diagram, power supply & circuit diagram, electric schematics and more.

Why Us?

Skilled team of CAD experts

Expertise at AutoCAD, ProDesign & SmartDraw

Drawings made from scratch

Drawings made from old CAD data/hand drawn sketches

2D / 3D GA & Internal GA Drawing

We provide 2D/3D general arrangement drawings to our clients that are designed using advanced CAD software to be precise and consistent with the industry standards. Our designs support engineers by providing them with design ideas and technical details throughout the entire electrical design process.

Why Us?

High-quality drafting

Skilled Designers

Detailed 2D/3D drawings

Re-drawings from old data

Plant Equipment Layout Drawing

For more than 15 years, our track record is solid in the delivery of plant equipment layout designs. We believe in optimizing plant layout designs for faster output and safe designs that conform to international standards. Our plant layout drawings are made to help customers reduce design risks and accelerate the delivery time of their projects.

Why Us?

Minimized physical effort

Production-specific layout

Maximum utilization of space

Lower cost of projects

Earthing Layout

To ensure the safety of personnel and equipment on and around the shop floor, we offer professionally designed earthing systems layouts. We use sophisticated computer software to test and verify various earthing designs and to tailor the earthing layout to suit the soil resistance at our customer’s location.

Why Us?

Complete earthing & lightning protection

Accurately designed & installed layouts

Soil resistance testing

Use of latest software & materials

Plant Lighting Layout

Lighting plays an important role in plants engaged in the manufacturing of different products. What sort of lighting is required, what should be the output, what should be the total input, the wattage, the lumens, how glare can be controlled, how working at the plant can be made safer for the personnel. We answer all these questions for our clients and help them in designing the ideal plant lighting layout.

Why Us?

Energy-efficient equipment

Improved visual performance

Optimum lighting levels

Weatherproof lighting

Control Cable Schedule

Our Control Cable Schedule Services gives customers peace of mind by providing them with information like the name of the type of cable, their source from, destination, and other crucial information about the cable size, core, and terminal. All of this is required to accurately estimate the length of the cable and prepare the cable block in different industrial settings.

Why Us?

Clean and specific document

Accurate cable data

Timely updation of schedules

Control Panel Design

We create custom control panels for applications in different industries. Our control panels are designed to deliver reliable performance in real-world situations, making the most of the available space. All our control panel designs are made using the latest CAD software, and they undergo stringent tests before they’re commissioned and set up at our customers’ plant so there are no concerns regarding their reliability.

Why Us?

Full documentation provided

Reliability & cost effectiveness

Complete control system testing

Easy implementation & change

Engineering Change Management

One of the most difficult aspects of product engineering is tracking all the changes throughout a product’s lifecycle. We at Actualize offer professional Engineering Change Management solutions to support our customers in organizing and aligning communication required to make changes. Our engineering change management capabilities allow our customers to reduce manual errors by using version control and product data administration.

Why Us?

Commitment to best practices

Enhanced traceability

Clearly defined workflows

Continuous product improvement


Re-engineering is a complex task. It requires expert knowledge of how to analyze existing products in order to reproduce similar functionality and behavior in a different & better product. At Actualize, we have over 15 years of expertise in offering re-engineering to our customers in various domains. We use the most up-to-date technology to replicate complex designs for all types of electrical machinery.

Why Us?

Performance Improvements

Use of modern technology

Control &

Actualize employs a team of talented engineers who understand the science behind control system development. They overlook the development of control strategies for our clients, giving their plant a seamless and integrated control system. A system in which hardware modifications are cost-effective, facility uptime is of top priority, and which is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

P & I Diagram / Process Flow Diagrams

We assist our clients with managing their piping and instrumentation diagrams so they can make sure that all the equipment in their plant is connected and the relationship between them is well-defined. Our designers are proficient at using industry-leading tools to create P&I drawings that conform to international standards.

Why Us?

Comprehensive & accurate diagrams

Compliance with industry standards

Different types of diagrams

Concise & reliable data

Control Wiring

High-quality control wiring is important to have commands between control devices running seamlessly without fail. At Actualize, we have more than 15 years of experience in designing and deploying control wiring that offers high functionality to our clients and is low maintenance. With our control wiring services, we ensure improved performance of systems, easy troubleshooting, and improved flexibility in operations.

Why Us?

Focus on safety

Neat installation

Temperature resistant hardware

Maintenance & support

Functional Logic Diagrams

Functional Logic Diagrams are a graphical language for logic controllers that are programmable. They usually describe the function between input and output variables via algorithms. Our expert team provides functional logic diagrams to our customers that enable them to make better control decisions.

Why Us?

East to follow diagrams

Accurate data and symbols

Operational data Included

Instrument Hook up Diagram

We offer Instrument Hook-up Diagrams that show standard instrument installation in a correct manner so that our clients are certain that the instrument will function properly with fewer mistakes.

Why Us?

Comprehensive & accurate diagrams

Compliance with industry standards

JB Selection & Wiring Detail

Junction Box Selection and Wiring Detail forms the crucial part of the instrumentation. For the past 15 years, our customers have relied on us to provide them with quality junction boxes that will last for years and fulfill their exact requirements. When choosing Junction Box or wiring options, we take into consideration the many factors that can play a part. Our technicians and engineers pay careful attention to details such as earthing, ambient temperatures, construction material, and more.

Why Us?

Protection & durability

High rated material

Customized Solution

Skid Wiring for On-Skid & Off-Skid

Actualize specializes in helping customers with wiring for On-Skid & Off-Skid equipment like lube oil systems, control oil systems, oil purification systems, jacking oil systems, controls and instrumentation and inlet/exhaust systems and make them safer to operate. Our services help our customers in vastly minimizing piping and wiring tasks onsite and improve the efficiency of operations.

Why Us?

Specialized packaging

Improved efficiency

I/O List

For better and intelligent processing of information between systems, we provide I/O list creation services to our customers. An I/O list contains information about different modules and instruments engaged in the shopfloor. Our services help our customers in maintaining appropriate data in their I/O list and speed up their operations.

Why Us?

Detailed Information

Proper segmentation

Cause & Effect Chart

To help our customers logically categorize the possible reasons for a problem at the shopfloor, we create simple but impactful cause and effect charts that help their team members narrow down the possible causes for a problem. The charts prepared by us serve as excellent visual tools for our customers in various industries and help them in brainstorming faster and making quick decisions.

Why Us?

Brainstorming and categorizing

Fostering corrective action

Identifications of area for collecting data


At Actualize, we believe that high performance and undisturbed connectivity are crucial for companies in the capital-intensive business because a lot is at stake at their shop floors and factories. In the past 15+ years, we have helped our customers in keeping their data centers and machinery highly synchronized with our class-leading cable engineering that places its bet on advanced hardware equipped with utmost precision.

Cable Tray Routing

We manufacture, install and maintain cable trays for our clients which help them in keeping the cables at the worksite organized and keeping their operational activities going smoothly. Our technicians consider the space available at our customers’ worksite and other prerequisites and provide them with various options for the application of cable trays.

Why Us?

Well integrated with CAD software

Cable route optimization

Unique & flexible designs

Cable Block Diagram

To assist engineers at the initial steps of cable routing, and manufacturing a circuit we prepare visual cable block diagrams that clearly show the parts of all the control equipment and highlight the interconnection between them. Cable block diagrams also help our customers in carrying out repairs on the shop floor.

Why Us?

Comprehensive & Accurate diagrams

Use of latest digital tools

Ability to create multiple types of diagrams

Control Cable Schedule

Control cable schedule is an important document which technicians refer to at various stages during the installation of control equipment. We prepare simple and detailed control cable schedules for our clients in various industries and make the job of their technicians easier.

Why Us?

Well laid out information

Accurate Data

Regular Updation of schedules

Power Cable Schedule

While installation and maintenance of power systems, a power cable schedule is a handy document that can assist technicians and acquaint them with the cables that interconnect various power equipment at the shop floor.

Why Us?

Simplified information

Compliance with international standards

Created by experienced engineers

Wire Harnessing

Cables and wires are a crucial part of any industrial setting. Therefore, we believe that carefully organizing and sorting them is crucial for smooth operations and faults are fixed fast. We provide custom wire harnessing solutions to our customers after evaluating the conditions at their shop floor.

Why Us?

Easy installation

Integrated wires & cables into a single instrument

Cost-effective solution

Improved electrical efficiency

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