About Actualize

Company Overview

Engineering Excellence

Actualize was started in 2005 with a goal to help companies become industry leaders by leveraging engineering and digital technology. Over the years, we have grown into a company driven by the idea of transforming companies through superior technological innovation. And fueling the idea is a team of resourceful engineers & domain experts who are ever-willing to play their role in the transformation of our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring immediate positive change to our customer’s business while paving a way for their complete transformation over time through our customized engineering design solutions.

Our Vision

To be the company that best understands the usage of engineering and digital technologies and leverages them fully to help customers become leaders in their industry.

Core Values


Akhilesh Kamath

Akhilesh has been always described to people as a passionate engineer who believes that innovation can improve business outcomes. Before he co-founded Actualize, he took up roles as an engineer at Wipro and Luwa. He’s curious about tech innovation in the truest sense of the term and always keen to solve problems through innovative tools and technology. He actively supervises the team of engineers at Actualize in mapping out better solutions for their customers.

Harish Kashyap

Harish is driven by the desire to positively change the engineering solutions industry. Before he co-founded Actualize in 2005, he worked in HDFC bank where he developed strategies for business growth. With his knowledge and experience in business administration, he is someone who likes to overcome execution, procurement, location & competitive cost challenges faced by companies in large-scale industries. At Actualize, he analyzes customer requirements and ensures that high-quality solutions are delivered to them consistently.

Group Companies

We’ve expanded our business in different verticals to offer multiple services to businesses and help them transform the way they work.

Actualize Consulting Engineers GmbH
Actualize Consulting Engineers LLC
Actualize Business Innovations LLP

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