Our global reach and hyperlocal knowledge network allows us to assist clients in understanding partner requirements, deep-dive and provide innovative solutions. We work with an eclectic client base from organizations with large property portfolios to clients with boutique turnkey projects, from wind farm, to solar and hydro power plants.

We have demonstrated capabilities across renewable energy projects from conception to completion.

Actualizes’ expertise covers both on and off grid renewable energy resources, as well as commercial aspects of renewable energy technology systems and integrated energy supply solutions.

Wind Energy:
Actualize provides technology solutions in wind turbine creating robust designs for long-term, reliable performance across geographies. Leveraging our team’s state-of-the-art solution design knowhow, we have continuously delivered cost-effective and dependable Wind turbine components such as blade design, Hub design, bearing design, Yaw design, Tower shaft assembly, Gearbox Design and Main & auxiliary frame design.

Hydro Power:
At Actualize we provided turnkey solutions to global hydro power market. Our dedicated experts adapt advanced technology to address global conditions and core solutions to meet specific requirements.
Our experienced team of engineers and designers study our client’s portfolio of energy requirement and custom create energy solutions. We design Turbine Blades, Generator Auxiliary System, Valve Design, Gearbox Design, Electrical System Design, Cable Schedule and Plant Automation.

Solar Energy:
The design of solar powered energy systems requires proficient staff with multiple engineering disciplines. At Actualize, we use pioneering technology and qualified professionals to meet customer requirement across electrical, mechanical, or structural requirements.

Core capabilities

  • Layout Design
  • Component design
  • HT and LT panel design
  • Cable schedule and routing
  • Plant Automation.
  • Thermal Analysis