11 years of service!

11 years of service! I have never mentioned to anyone that I’ve been working in Actualize for such long time. I was sitting at my desk giving instructions to new employees about this time last year. Now, I look around the room and realize that for about a decade. It is a reflective moment. My career started here with the position of “Data Executive. I was full of great expectations. I worked hard and I was promoted. I was assigned to a part of a project and a permanent place in Client projects. During my experience at Actualize, I have learned that progress does not stand still. It has allowed me to develop in the direction of today’s needs. The inspiration that the information gave me became a driving force for achieving new goals. I am thankful that the company provided me with opportunities for self-development. So, my advice is to use every opportunity to do your work to the best.

Manjunath M.
( TL – Tech Pub )

Actualize is “Work -life balance”

Every single day I worked at Actualize, I learned something new things and got new opportunities to work for big companies. What I really liked about Actualize is "Work -life balance". The employees and management are very friendly and this adds more value to Actualize. For me, success formula at Actualize is a combination of positive attitude, commitment, dedication towards work and loyalty towards the organization.

( BDE )

What I love about Actualize

What I love about Actualize is its work culture. There is tremendous amount of freedom and visibility here for employees to enhance their careers. The company encourages innovative thinking, giving everyone an equal opportunity regardless of their rank/designation. Apart from achieving professional excellence, I have also felt a sense of belonging here. Personally, it has been very satisfying to get an opportunity to coordinate with the senior management at a relatively early stage in my career.

Shwetha S (HR)