At Actualize, we aspire to provide one stop solutions for diverse challenges related to automotive industry. We are committed to innovation which is fundamental for this sector for development and implementation in this ever-changing engineering space.

We have completed numerous projects for leading OEM producers across the globe and fulfilled engineering requirements pertaining to design, manufacturing and operation of various components and products related to this sector.

Actualize works continuously to meet customer expectation and excel at business challenges. We are adaptable, agile and curious to help our customers get the best custom-designed solution.

Our core capabilities:

  • Interior and Exterior part Design
  • Design of underbody parts and integration of full body parts
  • Body in white
  • Fuel Tank
  • Powertrain design
  • Steering System and breaks
  • Engine and Exhaust system
  • Suspension & Chassis Design
  • Electrical design
  • Static/fatigue/transient Analysis
  • Thermal/modal analysis
  • CFD

Our Capabilities with Bus Body Building:
Actualize has demonstrated proficiency in working with major truck & bus body manufacturers. We leverage our experience in the automotive engineering space and provide world class solutions to minimize defect for heavy load carrying machines. Our designers understand the importance of doing load check and stress mapping while providing solutions for structural design, electrical & chassis design and complete vehicle integration.
We provide end to end solution for the bus manufacturers and some of the segments are mentioned below:

  • Structures
  • Seating and window layouts
  • Electrical(Wire Harness)
  • Vehicle Integration
  • Chassis Design
  • Hat racks
  • Powertrain
  • Opening & closing mechanisms
  • HVAC