With the evolution of technology, the manner of representation or illustration has leapfrogged to the next level. In today’s interactive world, 3D animation is the ultimate choice. The suppleness of animation is in its simplicity.

At Actualize, we have a creative design team to provide solutions for the below utilities:

Marketing: 3D animated video helps the clients’ to understand the product effectively and is not limited by location. 3D animation brings life into a concept and is not far from realism. Its ease of adaptation, understanding and ability to make things simpler has made it one of the most sought after tools in the design space for representation of products.

Computer Based Training (CBT): CBT frees a person of space and time zones. A person can upskill and reskill himself as and when he or she desires to do so. CBT Training has been pivotal to augment learning at a reduced cost across most of the industrial sectors. With the help of 3D animation, interactive learning is effectively managed.

Web Based Training (WBT): Web based training is taking the CBT to the next level. With the advent of mobile phones and its reach, learning has become fast paced, interactive and fun. WBT and CBT allow for an easier feedback mechanism, understanding and estimation of training costs, analysis and course correction, if required.

Walk Through: A walkthrough is an economic, simple and faster confirmation of design and commitment in an interactive way. It empowers the user to see the 3D animation of the project.

Video Editing: Video Editing is done for giving a better product / solution experience where real time videos are creatively edited to show the needed content. Our creative team expands the existing notion of 2D videos and mixes it with the required concept to deliver exquisite content for our customers.

Interactive 4D Simulation: 4D simulation gives a virtual experience to our clients. It helps the user to understand the concept and enables better decision making and faster prototyping. The user can pause and check the design and its details. Actualize has experience working on 4D simulation for a variety of domains which includes erection of plants, interactive walkthroughs, interactive construction video etc.